Vol 6 No 1 (2024)
Issue Description

Dear Readers,

on behalf of the entire Collegium Iuvenum and the Editorial Team, we are pleased to present the new edition of the periodical "Medical Knowledge".

Collegium Iuvenum, which has recently been established as an advisory body of the Center of Postgraduate Medical Education (CPME) Director, acts as an incubator of young CPME staff, aimed at their optimal development. Our activity primarily focuses on supporting young scientists at various stages of their careers – from the first steps, through the development of scientific and didactic activities, to the management of scientific research. Our goal is to identify barriers to the development of young employees and look for ways to eliminate them.

The present edition was mainly prepared by people to whom our activities are dedicated. This is our form of activating employees, for whom it is often one of the first publications. There has always been a certain amount of excitement associated with publishing one's own scientific studies. For years, we have been involved in the process of the preparation of the manuscript, corrections by experienced mentors or co-authors, the subsequent submission process, reviews and, finally, acceptance and publication. We are glad to introduce new people to this electrifying experience, helping them overcome their fears of presenting their research and publications to a wider audience.

The subject matter of the works presented in this issue is diverse in order to allow access for all interested parties. In the following issue, we present works from various CMKP units, which we are particularly pleased about. Researchers from both the School of Public Health and School of Medical Sciences have submitted their papers, which shows that the enthusiasm for publishing is widespread.

In this issue, we discuss the new ICD-11 classification and the course of its introduction in the country, we also discuss very important and extremely current issues of prescribing medical marijuana and opioids on a large scale by various types of online platforms in Poland. Based on our experience in the USA, we know the dangers of such a phenomenon. Gynecologists also showed activity in the publications by presenting two articles. The first one discusses the use of progesterone in the prevention of premature birth in great detail, while the second one describes a rare case of pregnancy in a woman using hormonal therapy of menopause and its clinical implications. In addition, this issue includes a very interesting publication in the field of microbiology on the intracellular life of Acinetobacter baumannii and a paper analyzing the role of S100 proteins in renal cancer.

We are very proud of this issue of "Medical Knowledge". We are especially proud of the authors who submitted their publications and successfully passed the review process. We hope that readers will appreciate the huge commitment of young CPME scientists and the high substantive quality of the publications.

Yours faithfully,

Editorial Team of the "Medical Knowledge" and the members of Collegium Iuvenum