Review process

Editorial process involved in publishing

1. By submitting their paper for publication in the journal, the Author agrees to its review.
2. The Editorial Board evaluates whether the paper meets formal requirements specified herein and whether its subject matter and contents are consistent with the scientific profile of the journal.
3. The manuscript is subject to peer review by at least two independent reviewers outside the research unit affiliated by the Author of the publication.
4. Author of the publication and the reviewers do not know each other’s identities, according to the double blind peer review
5. The written review shall contain the reviewer's request regarding the conditions for admission of the scientific article for publication, the need to make corrections without a re-review, the need to correct the article with a re-review or to reject the article. The Author is informed about the result of the review and, if necessary, the reviewer makes appropriate corrections to the text, and in the case of any notes they disagree with, replies to the reviews. The replies are sent via the website ( or to the Editorial Board’s email address specified in § 1 para. 1.
6. The review form is publicly available on the journal's website or in every issue of the journal.

Review form - for inspection

7. Names of reviewers of individual publications or issues of the scientific journal are not disclosed.
8. If the manuscript is accepted for printing, the Author will be sent the manuscript that they should correct by the deadline specified by the Editorial Board and then send back the corrected manuscript to the Publisher.
9. The final decision on printing the article shall be taken by the editor-in-chief following the analysis of the remarks contained in the review and the final version of the text submitted by the Author.