Vol 5 No 2 (2023)
Issue Description

Dear Colleagues,
Dear Readers,

We have the pleasure of presenting the current issue of the “Wiedza Medyczna”, written by the workers of the Department of Endocrinology, Centre of Postgraduate Medical Education (CMKP), located in Bielański Hospital in Warsaw.

The reader will find articles on the still-present dilemmas of the management of classical endocrinopathies including the considerations of hypercalcemia, a much more common problem than was ever thought being still strongly underestimated, up to the problem of obesity in psychiatric diseases. Attention should be paid to the modernity of the approach to the issues discussed which also takes into account the use of state-of-the-art research and therapeutic methods.

The common and perhaps most important element linking all these topics, in fact so distant from each other, are their Authors.

The first Authors of all the presented papers are young researchers, most of whom are students of the CMKP Doctoral School or planning to apply to this School in the near future. In several cases, these are also their first independent publications, written under the supervision of promoters or academic supervisors.

We hope that the manuscripts presented in this "Wiedza Medyczna" issue will be interesting not only for endocrinologists, and doctors of other specialties, but also for all those who look with hope to the coming future of Polish medical sciences.

"Here goes youth."

Profesor Wojciech Zgliczyński

Review papers

Alicja Dudek, Prof. dr hab. Wojciech Zgliczyński
Modern markers for the assessment of biological age
Agata Tuszyńska, Lucyna Bednarek-Papierska
Subclinical hypercortisolemia – a therapeutic dilemma
Karolina Cylke -Falkowska, Maria Stelmachowska-Banaś
Bone metabolism disorders in endogenous Cushing syndrome
Alicja Szatko, Dorota Leszczyńska, Beata Woźniak, Piotr Glinicki
The relation between clinical course of pheochromocytoma-paraganglioma (PPGL) and complex genetic etiology
Agata Toboła, Małgorzata Gietka-Czernel
Graves’ disease – management of Graves’ orbitopathy and thyrotoxicosis, including new therapies