Abnormal shadow on chest radiograph: a supra – or infradiaphragmatic finding?


solitary pulmonary nodule
breast cancer
pulmonary hamartoma
liver calcification

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Biernacka-Racicot, K., Łukaszewski, M., Nowański, M., Socha, B., & Grzelak, P. (2021). Abnormal shadow on chest radiograph: a supra – or infradiaphragmatic finding?. Wiedza Medyczna, 3(2), 41-44. https://doi.org/10.36553/wm.99


Incidental findings on chest X-ray of oncological patients need further evaluation in contrast-enhanced computed tomography (CT). We report two cases of abnormal shadows, detected on radiograph, in patients with breast cancer: the first one projected under the left hemidiaphragm and the second one obscuring the right hemidiaphragm. Both patients were asymptomatic, subjected to a surgery and to a CT. The first scan revealed a 15 mm diameter nodule in left lung with smooth margins and central calcifications. Whereas, the second exam showed a subcapsular, ring, calcified lesion in the liver. In both cases, CT was essential for staging and therapeutic choice.



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