Dementia with Lewy bodies – a case report, diagnosis and management


dementia with Lewy bodies
clinical symptoms
diagnostic difficulties

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Bzowska, M., & Lew-Starowicz, M. (2021). Dementia with Lewy bodies – a case report, diagnosis and management. Wiedza Medyczna, 3(1), 24-27.


Dementia is one of the major health issues around the globe which can severely affect the daily functioning of patients and their caregivers. There is no pharmacological method that entirely cures dementia, however, early detection, precognitive medication and treatment of concomitant illnesses and behavioural symptoms can significantly moderate cognitive decline as well as improve the quality of life patients with dementia. Here we present a case of Dementia with Lewy Bodies (DLB), which is the second most common form of neurodegenerative dementia in population above 65 years old. Despite its common occurrence, this disease is rarely detected, due to misleading symptoms, in its early stage. DLB often starts with depressive or psychotic symptoms, whilst cognitive decline is not apparent yet. Clinical features of DLB, as well as challenges of diagnosis and management are presented accordingly.
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